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NHS Open House Workshops 

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 Each of the four events held a session on care.data. The workshop included an overview of the programme and its current status from Tim Kelsey, national director for Patients and Information at NHS England, an opportunity for delegates to share their questions on the programme, and a table discussion about different aspects of the programme.

To see the care.data presentation and Q&As from the regions, please go to the webcast page. Feedback from this session is being incorporated into the overall report from the care.data listening phase which will be published later in the summer and linked to from this site.

Discussion Topics from the Workshops

Follow the links below to each workshop where you will find presentations and follow up reports where available.

Patient Online

This workshop ran in all four Open House venues. It provided information about the Patient Online programme which is enabling GP practices across the country to provide online booking of appointments, ordering of repeat prescriptions and access to patient records. It explained current status of Patient Online and looked at future possibilities including E-consultations within primary care.


Working Voices

This workshop explained an innovative and exciting project being developed in the North of England between the NHS and employer organisations in the region. Working Voices offers employees the opportunity to have a voice in designing NHS services to suit their needs, as well as having access to health information and advice. With the majority of engagement and participation opportunities taking place during working hours and therefore difficult to access, this ground-breaking piece of work will take the opportunity for patient and public participation to the workforce and provide commissioners of NHS services with rich intelligence to inform their commissioning decisions and service improvements.


Patient Insight & Feedback

This workshop held in York provided information about the Insight, Feedback and Patient Experience programmes of NHS England which are enabling the views of patients and the public through such as the NHS Friends and Family Test to shape the health and care services they receive.


Patients in Control

This workshop ran in Leicester. It looked at how people’s lives can be transformed when they have the knowledge, skills and confidence to manage their own health, when they are able to shape their care and treatment to fit with what is important to them.  There is growing evidence that patient participation improves outcomes and quality of life and provides value for money.  Delegates had the opportunity to find out more from Luke O’Shea, Head of Patient Participation, NHS England, about the programme for patient participation.


Primary Care Transformation

This London-only workshop explained the process to transform primary care services in London, the case for changing current provision and ways in which patients can be further involved.


London Patient Voice

This workshop gave an overview of the process to develop London Patient Voice, the independent group that will scrutinise the commissioning activity of NHS England London and hold the regional team to account on how it involves patients in its activities.

As a result of testing our approach to London Patient Voice (LPV) at the Open House day, we have amended how we are developing this programme.

The updated presentation attached reflects those changes, which include:

  • More clarity about where London Patient Voice reports go, and more clarity on engagement arrangements and the LPV structure
  • Changing ‘patient reference groups’ to reflect that its actually all the engagement activities taking place across the London Region
  • Updating progress to date to include recruitment

For more information or to keep in touch with the programme, contact Paula Lloyd-Knight, Head of Patient and Public Voice, NHS England (London Region)


Patient Participation in General Practice

This session was held in Basingstoke only and explored how patients can be involved in the changes in general practice, including the introduction of the Friends and Family Test and changes to the GP contract in relation to Patient Participation Groups.